Ode To Our Seniors

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Bitter because we will lose two of you and sweet because Blacksburg will get to keep two of you, at least for a little while longer. Becca, Lissa, Nick and Paisleigh have all served as interns for Northstar and have become near and dear to my heart as well as the rest of the Northstar family.

Becca, you were a freshman during my first year on staff with Northstar.

I still remember that first car ride to Atlanta for Passion and coming back to tell everyone how COOL Becca Tallman is and how she has an incredible taste in music. You are also FUN. I did not stop laughing with you in Istanbul. I have seen you grow so much in your four years here but I have also seen myself grow and be challenged because of you and your maturity. You love people so well. As you move on from Blacksburg, please know that you made such an impression on us here at Northstar and definitely on me, personally. God is going to use you and your love for people to do some BIG things and I am so excited to watch.


Paisleigh, where do I begin.

I remember the first time we met at the Reserve and the next thing I know someone had talked you into interning and a year and a half later you are still an intern. You have truly blossomed. From hearing your story to seeing you step out and up in service is a testimony in itself. Our Queentern took charge when someone needed to and now we all understand and see how law school and becoming a lawyer in the future makes sense. We have loved having you serve Northstar as an intern and will be praying for you.

Nick, Nick, Nick.

You came to us as a boy and are now leaving us as a man. Truly the transformation you have had in these past few years is amazing. Your willingness to serve with a quick “Yep, on it” shows us that you really did come to serve. You are always quick to ask someone how they are doing. You love to learn and to grow. NEVER LOSE THAT. Now, I know that you will be in Blacksburg for a little, but in a different role. I pray that you are encouraged by the growth that you have experienced and you use that encouragement to lead others to Jesus and what it means to serve. Nick, you have a heart of gold.

Lastly, Lissa. Melissa Brown.

I remember the freshman Lissa and now to see the Senior Lissa is really something. Your heart for Jesus is so evident. Your responsible nature made you one steller intern. We can always always count on you and maybe we count on you too much at times. Whether it is singing on stage or steaming the curtain for the backdrop, we know that your heart is to serve and to make much of Jesus. You have also become a part of my family. I love how you love my kids

Seniors. The four years flew. You have the rest of your life to live, but do not forget about your short four years in Blacksburg and your time at Northstar because we sure won’t forget you.

Thank you and congratulations.


Thanks to Chelsea Anderson for the amazing pictures! Check her out here.