Northstar Summer BE ‘N’ GO


Looking for something fun to do this summer?

Of course you are! Who walks around hoping their summer is boring?

Join in with your Northstar Family in a little game of Northstar Summer BE ‘N’ GO!

What is Northstar Summer BE ‘N’ GO? Glad you asked! Start by picking up a special BE ‘N’ GO card at church on Sunday morning, or print your own copy by clicking here. Basically, it’s a Bingo card that has been put together for our members, attenders, and guests. In each square, you’ll find suggestions of things to do and ways to serve throughout the summer.

Volunteer at Northstar Kids’ Camp this July? Cross off that square! Invite someone to church on Sunday? Cross off that square! Go for a walk in your neighborhood and pray for each of your neighbors? Cross off that square!

Sorry, there isn’t a huge prize for getting Bingo or for filling your card. But just look at some of those squares. You won’t need a prize. You’ll be changing people’s lives! You’ll be loving people in your community! You’ll be reaching people for Jesus!

Imagine how different the New River Valley can be at the end of the summer when we all take the time to do these 25 small things over the next couple of months!