Northstar Reserve – Volunteer Opportunities


Have you seized the opportunity to hang out at The Reserve yet?

Earlier this year, we began holding events and meetings at Northstar’s downtown space, The Reserve. Our GAP and Connect ministries have used the space. Our worship team practices for Sundays there. It was even an important part of Northstar’s presence at this year’s Steppin’ Out event.

And now that The Reserve is up and running, we want to keep it running even more regularly! Because, not only have members of the Northstar family been utilizing this incredible downtown space, it’s been a blessing to other individuals and ministries as well. Our hope is that The Reserve can be a casual location where people can meet and interact with our community.

Our pastor, Jeff, has spent a number of Saturday mornings at The Reserve. As he prepares for Sunday, he has noticed that the number of people who pass by and stop in to check out the space on the way to or from the Farmers’ Market is high. This means that simply having The Reserve doors open is an incredible opportunity to connect with our neighbors and visitors to downtown Blacksburg.

What does this mean for us?

The goal is to have The Reserve open each Saturday morning so that members of the Blacksburg community can stop in for a cup of coffee, a game of Ping Pong, or just hang out and spend time relaxing on the weekend.

Are you interested in volunteering to man (or woman) The Reserve? As a Reserve volunteer, you will simply be asked to make a pot of coffee, turn on some music, and be a friendly face for those who walk by or stop in. And, of course, you’re free to use the WiFi, dart boards, and Ping Pong table while you’re there.

If you are willing to invest a couple hours on a Saturday morning, please contact Jessica Yalung.