Northstar Reserve: How Can You Help?

Aaron Peck News

Hey everyone! Remember our earlier announcement about our new Northstar Reserve space in downtown Blacksburg? Things are coming along great with the venue, but there are still some needs that the location has and you can help!

Below, you’ll find a current list of things that still need to be done in the space. We have so many amazing volunteers at Northstar with such a wide range of gifts, we want everyone to have a chance to come down and pitch in. So if you see something on this list that jumps out at you and you think, “Hey, I can do that!” please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alex, Erin, or Matt to let them know you want to help!

  • Painting – While the vast majority of the painting has been done, some of the walls will need another coat or touch-ups; we also need to paint the trim, benches, and various other spots here and there.
  • Ceilings – Are you tall? Are you good on stilts? Do you just like to stand on precariously piled items? The ceilings need to be cleaned and painted in spots, as well.
  • Landscaping – Granted, there isn’t a lot to landscape in downtown Blacksburg, but this location comes complete with decorative planters outside the entrances. Do you have a green thumb? Help us by planting something nice!
  • Bathrooms – It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! These rooms sort of need an overhaul: paint, flooring, replaced toilets, and a general deep cleaning. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Drywall – There are several spots that need some minor repair and/or touch ups.
  • Cleaning – Yes, cleaning has already been mentioned in a couple of specific spots. Really, the whole place will need a general once over after all the repairs have been completed.
  • Furniture – With such a large space, we will need furnishings with which to fill it. We’re in need of sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, etc.

We really do encourage any and all who are willing and able to come on down and help us out! God has gifted us each with specific talents and desires to use those talents. Maybe your thing isn’t installing new toilets, but maybe it is planting a shrub. Every little bit goes a long way to helping us prepare this space for activities and events.

Even if you aren’t able to physically come in and help with these tasks, don’t be afraid to just stop by and take a look at this new venue! Once you come in and see the potential of how this space can be used to reach others for Jesus, you are bound to be just as excited as those of us who are already invested!