NO worship services at BMS March 15 & 22

Jeff Noble News

First of all, thank you so much for praying! We have been so thankful as a leadership team to receive the assurance of your prayers and have sensed God’s presence and guidance.

We were informed yesterday evening that MCPS will be closing all its buildings to gatherings and events due to Governor Northram’s directive on Friday. That means that we will not be meeting for worship for at least two weeks at the middle school. We will make decisions next week on the wisdom and safety of gathering on March 22 in an alternative location after health officials and agencies observe more of the coronavirus spread or containment.

However, for TOMORROW we will NOT be meeting for worship.

While this may bring combined relief/sadness for many of us, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to BE THE CHURCH. This is more than a similar “snow day” cancellation. With schools being canceled and families and businesses having to make dramatic adjustments, it provides the people of Jesus with a unique season to serve, pray, give, and demonstrate faith and hope in the midst of a tumultuous time.


We will be communicating further with you soon, but as for now, help us spread the word about the services and please plan on tuning in tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. as we will be attempting our first livestream. There will at least be a sermon and perhaps worship and testimony. Things are being planned today. We will communicate how to access later.

These are new days for churches across our world! Followers of Jesus thrive in times of uncertainty and confusion, of persecution and powerlessness. May we shine brightly with the love of Jesus in these days of fearfulness and chaos.

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