New Volunteer Process… Welcome Jessica Yalung!

Megan Evans News

On any given Sunday, you will find 50+ volunteers keeping things running. From children’s ministry teachers and assistants, to chair stackers and movers, there are many ways we depend on our volunteers. Hopefully, you are one of those volunteers. If not, maybe you are interested in becoming one of those volunteers.

Previously, communication and sign-up requests were spread over different staff members. However, based on your feedback last year, we decided to combine our volunteer ministry under one person. This will ensure that we aren’t over communicating with you, and it will streamline the process for the church staff. That being said, later this month, we trust you’ll be blessed as we grow in our volunteer ministry.

Jessica Yalung is joining our staff team in an effort to streamline volunteer sign-up, coordination and communication for Sunday mornings and other significant events.

Once she is onboard and brought up to speed, she will begin communicating directly to you – so keep an eye out for emails from Jessica. We are excited for how these changes are going to impact your volunteer experience at Northstar!