New Member Spotlight: Rachel Wilson

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Rachel is from Abingdon, Virginia and graduated from James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia) in Spring 2013. She moved to the Blacksburg area in August 2016 and currently works at a local IT company, 1901 Group, Inc.

What or who brought you to Northstar?

I happened to run into a high school friend when I first moved to the area and she mentioned Northstar to me.

Where is the best place in Blacksburg to go out to dinner?

I would have to say my favorite place to go is The Cellar!

What makes living in Blacksburg different than where you grew up?

I certainly didn’t grow up in a college town, so right off the bat, that is different. My hometown is pretty small compared to Blacksburg, so I’d say the traffic is certainly different! But all in all, the pace and lifestyle of Blacksburg feels a lot like home.

What is your favorite family tradition?

My favorite family tradition would have to be on Christmas morning. We wake up, open our gifts, have a delicious breakfast casserole my mother makes every year (and only for Christmas morning!) with cinnamon buns. Then afterward, we lay around in pajamas and watch movies! It’s a really relaxing day spent with family – how could it not be a favorite?

What is your favorite thing about Northstar?

My favorite thing about Northstar would have to be worship. I have been to many churches where the worship felt artificial. At Northstar, it feels genuine. I can feel the glory and magnificence of God in that room when we’re all worshipping together, and I adore that.

What is one thing that you have learned since coming to Northstar?

I have really learned that my relationship with Christ was meant to be a love relationship. He is with me, He wants me, He loves me, He’s a Great Friend and Comforter! My relationship with Christ before was more of legalistic relationship, and that’s no relationship at all.

Rachel is a part of the Erica Thornton’s small group and loves meeting with her sisters in Christ.  Rachel we are grateful your are a part of the Northstar family.



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