New Member Spotlight: Matthew Mills

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We want to introduce you to Matthew Mills. Matthew joined Northstar last October.

Tell us about yourself (where you’re from, what you’re currently doing)

My name is Matthew Mills. I am from Mechanicsville where I have lived my whole life. I grew up an only child with my two loving parents, and I am currently a fifth year at Virginia Tech studying Statistics. I really hope to use any money I can make to help send people out on missions!

When did you move to Blacksburg?

I came to Blacksburg in 2014 because I was starting my new life out as a college student on my own. Many of my friends from high school also came to Virginia Tech, so I still felt at home when I got here. I’ve loved being in Blacksburg ever since, and I’ve even spent a couple summers here.

What brought you to Northstar?

I enjoy how this church is very biblically sound. The church also has such a passion for the community and actually sends/builds its congregation to walk more faithfully with the Lord and “be the church” in the community. I’ve loved the BE’N’GO Sundays and I’m really excited to continue with events and activities like this.

What is your experience with serving in the church?

I bounced around a couple churches when I was younger but never really served in any capacity. This past summer, however, I was in Ocean City, Maryland for a summer mission and served in different areas from helping with the offering to helping with the children’s ministry. This was the first time I really ever experienced serving in the church, and I wondered why I hadn’t done it up to that point. Currently with Cru I lead a Bible study and discipleship, but I am really excited to start serving at Northstar in whatever way I can, whether that be with offering children’s ministry, or anything else.

What else do we need to know about you?

My favorite hobby is probably Hip Hop Dancing and Video games. I attend weekly meetings of a hip hop dance club called DOP, and I’ve been going ever since freshman year. I’ll always be dancing at Cru dance nights or parties. I also love playing video games with my friends online, and I’ve made great memories through the years with that.

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