New Member Spotlight: Jocelyn Rathbone

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We don’t know about you, but we never get tired of recognizing our members! This spotlight will help you get to know Jocelyn Rathbone, a Virginia Tech graduate and Physicians Assistant at the Giles Family Medicine walk-in clinic.

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Culpeper, VA and then came to Virginia Tech to get my undergrad degree in HNFE. I graduated a little early and immediately moved to New Mexico to start PA school. I loved my time out West but this area was calling me home. So I moved back and started my first job as a physician assistant at Giles Family Medicine working in their walk-in clinic. I had not gone to Northstar when I was in undergrad but after I moved back I remembered a few friends who had recommended it. After looking at a few churches in the area I came to Northstar and knew that this was where I was going to stay.

What makes living in Blacksburg different than where you grew up?

Blacksburg is closer to many of the outdoor activities that I enjoy than where I grew up. I also appreciated the sense of community in this area that is fostered through everyone’s relationship to Virginia Tech. Even though I was in a relatively small town growing up I did not feel this camaraderie.  

How do you like to spend your free time?

If I am not working then I am probably hanging out with my cat Opie. I am a huge homebody, so aside from a travel adventure every once in a while, I am never too far from home. I love to read, hike, cook, bake and workout.

What is your favorite thing about Northstar?

I love that Northstar is not a place that encourages Christians to just settle in and get comfortable. The people who make up this church are constantly challenging others to grow in their faith and relationship with the Lord. And I have found so much joy in that challenge.

What is one thing you have learned since coming to Northstar?

Being around the people that make up this church has opened my eyes to the fact that there are other’s who are making a daily (or secondly) effort to avoid sin and live life in a way that would be pleasing to God. This has helped me to return to this path. It has also emphasized the importance of bible study and discipleship. I grew up in a church that seemed to keep all the sermons and teachings very superficial. I felt like I spent my whole life hearing the same 5 stories from the bible over and over. Being at Northstar, and specifically in my small group, has encouraged me to delve into the scripture.

Where are you currently serving in Northstar and what is it like to serve there?

I am currently helping with set up and tear down of services. I am happy to help there but I also love kiddos so I would love to help with children’s ministry. During missions Sunday I talked with the people who help with Women’s Clinic. My passion in medicine is women’s health, so I would love to volunteer with this group.

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