New Member Spotlight: Cole Berger

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Cole Berger is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He came to school in Blacksburg all the way from Erie, Pennsylvania. Cole’s older brother Sean attended Virginia Tech and Northstar so it was an easy choice for Cole when it came time to pick a school and the church he would attend while a student. Cole attended Discovering Northstar and become part of the Northstar family in September after being an attender since 2016.

Why are you excited about being the church with Northstar?

I am excited to be a part of a church that has a strong emphasis on teaching directly from the Bible and that have a serving mindset that encourages its members to live out being the church in our everyday lives.

Tell us about your previous church and ways you were able to serve?

At the church I went to back in Erie, Millcreek Community Church, they had a strong focus on biblical teaching and their three main focuses of loving God, loving others, and making disciples. At this church, I was able to help out with the service projects that the church set up.

Cole has jumped into serving by helping with Sunday set up and tear down.  Thanks Cole!

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