Move Up Sunday August 6!

Children's Ministry, News

Sunday, August 6, will be Move Up Sunday! We will promote several children to their next classroom! We will welcome them to their new classroom with a warm greeting from their new teacher and a photo opportunity!

Here are the guidelines to determine if your child is ready for the next classroom:

  • Seedlings (Nursery) to Buds and Sprouts (1 -2 year old toddlers): 14 months by September 1 and solidly walking 
  • Sprouts (2 year old toddlers) to Blossoms (Preschool): 3 years old by September 1
  • Blossoms (Preschool) to K-2 Jumpstart: Starting Kindergarten in the fall
  • K-2 Jumpstart to 3-5 Jumpstart: Starting 3rd grade in the fall

We will have another Move Up Sunday in January when we will move up any children that have birthdays that fall between September 1 and January.