Our second Value-Engineering meeting was Thursday evening, June 21. The Immeasurably More team met with our contractor and architect to discuss progress since the previous meeting. Our stated goal had been to reach a $4.5 million target cost for the building and site work. This does not include the building peripherals – sound system, furniture, etc.

VE 1: Easy, Hard, Hardest

VE Meeting 1: Easy, Hard, Hardest Adjustments

At the first VE meeting, we had identified adjustments that could be made in the original design and materials in order to reduce costs. These adjustments were classified as “easy, hard and hardest.”

VE 2: Design & Materials Adjustments

In our second VE meeting, we reviewed some of the adjustments suggested by the contractor. These brought down the overall costs to approximately $5.5 million. We are getting there!

One of the significant adjustments currently under consideration is adjusting the building design so that the offices (shown in red) are actually separated from the building. The angle of the offices (and the cafe/third-space area) increase costs significantly. One of the solutions is to detach the offices and move the kitchen and bathrooms into the building. In addition, the offices could be phased – the contractor could put the shell up, and Northstar could finish them out with our own labor.




Even as we have been value-engineering, it’s been a healthy exercise for us in embracing some of the values in our future ministry center. From the beginning, we’ve sought to build a facility that is not a “church building.” We value relationships. So our facility has been designed with groups in mind – our church, local colleges, our community and businesses. It’s intended to be a ministry center that serves the community.

During our second VE meeting, it was suggested that we “drop” the cafe and perhaps narrow our vestibules. However, we see these portions of the design as integral to facilitating community and relationships. They are values to us. So we are looking at other options – such as detaching and phasing our office complex instead.

These are significant days for our team as we continue the VE process. Our next meeting is Thursday, July 12. Please be in prayer for the team, architect and contractor. We are getting closer!

Save the date

This August, plans are underway to celebrate a groundbreaking, relaunch the Immeasurably More campaign (our first three-year commitment ends in October), and have a homecoming (Northstar celebrates its 15th birthday this year!). Tentative plans are for August 19!