The Immeasurably More team gathered with representatives from Spectrum Design and G&H Construction on Thursday evening, August 2 for our third value-engineering meeting. We had left our second meeting near our financial target and with some design adjustment ideas for the facility. [Read about those here.]

Our third meeting was led by Nathan Harper, lead architect on the project, and after he presented the new design and adjustments, we all KNEW that we’d hit the mark.

Revised Design



  1. The office complex has been separated from the main building which will allow:
    • Savings on utilities when the entire building doesn’t need to be heated/cooled.
    • Creative use of outdoor space between the buildings (courtyards, gardens, sitting areas).
    • Phased approach. The office will be “shelled out,” and we will build it later (or simultaneously if funds come in above our target for the main building).
  2. Storage space in the Youth/College/GAP area has been shifted to the other side of the room to allow for better spillover when the auditorium walls are raised for larger crowds. This new setup also provides ideal space for a sound booth in the auditorium.
  3. Kitchen has been relocated inside the building (away from office complex).
  4. Bathrooms have been relocated next to Northstar Cafe.
  5. One less small group room (kitchen replaced it), but the team feels the conference room in the office complex can be used as a small group room easily, as well as other rooms/spaces in the building.

Previous Design


Next Steps

The team unanimously approved the design and with that, the next exciting phase of our process begins! G&H Contractors believe we will start construction in October. In the meantime, we will be pursuing site permits, preparing for the sewer line to be run, and considering new financing alternatives since we’ve raised nearly 1/2 of our target!

Please be in prayer for our team, our church, and all those who will be soon working for us to help us build Northstar’s first ministry center.