Our Immeasurably More team has been working hard behind the scenes as dirt has been flying. They meet twice a month on Tuesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. On the last Wednesday of each month, they meet with the contractor and architect for building updates and construction and permitting progress.

The team has formed a new sub team called the Mobilization Team to help keep you informed and aware of what’s going on behind the scenes even as you see dirt and steel begin to move. The Mobilization Team launched a new video series on Sunday, May 26. This is the first installment:

Also today, we are closing on the construction loan with the National Bank of Blacksburg!

What you can do:

  • Pray for smooth sailing with the remaining permitting
  • Pray that we’ll be good neighbors to the area
  • Share the project on Facebook and other social media: www.northstarfamily.org/more. [Sample Post: “I’m excited how God is working through my church as we begin construction on our first ministry center!”]
  • Make a pledge/commitment to the project. We continue to pray and hope that God will provide all our financial needs before we move into the building (an additional $400k will enable us to build out the offices at the same time; otherwise, we will construct those later)