In the past few weeks as dirt has begun to move on the land, the building team has been meeting ever more frequently. Recently, we’ve had an evening dedicated to asking strategic questions about our kitchen and the cafe.

One part of our vision is that we don’t want the building to only be used by Northstar:

Create a destination for community organizations, businesses and groups to discover hospitality, comfort and welcome as they use our facility for a multitude of purposes.

We have intentionally designed so that our community will enjoy and want to use it as well – for gatherings, for parties, for meetings, and for.. coffee.

We would love your input!

The kitchen:

As we continue to meet about the kitchen to discuss everything from appliances (residential or commercial) to how best to serve coffee and donuts on Sundays, we would love your input and participation!

If you have expertise or know someone who has connections, please let us know! Recently, a church member informed us about a company that could do demolition, and it turned out that company bid the lowest and did a fantastic job of tearing down the green house. You never know when a connection you have might bless us and save us money! We will be needing to purchase kitchen equipment and appliances within the next year, so be praying and thinking!

The cafe

We are really excited about the Northstar Cafe! The building team is meeting with local coffee shops in April to get input and consultation. Again, if you know someone.. or have expertise or ideas, let us know! The cafe will be a wonderful place for relationships, meetings and, of course, coffee! It has a performing stage in it, as well as an indoor playground attached to it (we think parents will love that!).

Make a commitment

If you’re exciting about this year of construction and development, we encourage you to make a commitment/pledge to the campaign. You can read more about the financial needs here, and we thank you in advance for your prayerful partnership!