Building and planning for the future takes wisdom and faith. The Leadership Board and Building Teams of Northstar have been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear God’s will in this process.

We are asking the Lord for provision and you for support in raising our Immeasurably More goal of $6,000,000.

You can track the progress of the goals on the giving page.

How We Will Get There?

Trust. Plain and simple.

If you’re a regular attender or member of Northstar, you know that we have a joyous, unique and special community of people that earnestly love God and others. We also have an incredibly diverse group of people that pass through our doors, including college students, grad students, internationals and families from all over the country. Our financial resources are limited, but we are trusting in an unlimited God for provision for project.

How You Can Help

  1. Trust God with us and for us. Will you please commit to pray regularly for our future ministry facility? Ask God to encourage His church and glorify His name among us through His provision, leadership and favor.
  2. Spread the word. If you are a member, regular attender or have been blessed in and through the ministry of the people of Northstar, will you share with others about our hope and vision?
    • social-iconsTell other churches. We believe what God is leading us to do is too big for us, and that it’s a work of His kingdom. Already, other churches have partnered in prayer and giving with us. Give the larger body of Christ an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in His people here as well.
    • Suggested tweet/social media post: “Will you please join me in supporting and praying for @northstarfamily’s Immeasurably More campaign?”
    • If you’re a college or post-grad student, tell your families.
  3. Give to the Immeasurably More campaign. Prayerfully consider what God may lay on your heart to give.

Next Step:

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