Permits, permits, permits

At long last.. Northstar Immeasurably More team members Jim Rancourt and Travis Jessee attended a Planning Department meeting at the county office on Tuesday, January 8. At that meeting, representatives from G&H and Spectrum were present to respond to questions and issues that had been raised over the last two months of permitting applications. Virtually [...]

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When will dirt start flyin’?

Maybe you have heard or even asked this question at least a couple times. With our ceremonial groundbreaking four months behind us, I think we all had hoped that Northstar’s land would be dotted with various types of earth moving equipment before Christmas. Most of the delay is because we have had a longer than [...]

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News on the financing front

There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Northstar, and we have a lot to look forward to as the building construction work takes shape. While moving dirt and building a ministry center is fun, the finance team has some great things to share too. For some background for the [...]

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Rooted Moment: Ethan & Sarah Smith

We asked our church family to submit their reflections and thoughts about the Immeasurably More process. We're calling them "Rooted Moments." Many thanks to Sarah Smith for her thoughts: It's very evident that God is using Northstar church in the New River Valley. I've seen and experienced some of the most healthy and genuine relationships [...]

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Rooted Moment: Jim Rancourt

We asked our church family to submit their reflections and thoughts about the Immeasurably More process. We're calling them "Rooted Moments." Many thanks to Jim Rancourt for his thoughts: What you sense and see God doing God is clearly working in the lives of the people of Northstar. Such an interesting collection of people with [...]

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God in the Equation- You Want to Borrow How Much Money?

The Backstory First, a backstory to this blog post that really does relate to the Immeasurably More campaign of Northstar Church and the construction of the Northstar Ministry Center... Years ago, I read a lot of books that other people were reading, partly so that I could be part of the conversation. For example, with no [...]

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Reflections: Trey Moore

Trey Moore is the fundraising team leader on the Immeasurably More team. He also serves on staff at Virginia Tech Cru, leads a small group for Northstar with his wife Rebecca and serves on Northstar's Leadership Board. He shared these thoughts with us for our Immeasurably More Celebration Sunday on November 4.

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Immeasurably More Celebration reflections

This past Sunday was so encouraging for us as a church family and followers of Jesus. As I related in the message, I felt so inadequate as a leader to effectively communicate ALL THAT GOD HAS DONE, while communicating the PRACTICALS of where we are (financials, fundraising, budgets, construction process), and inviting you, as Northstar [...]

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