In the Immeasurably More process of watching God lead us and provide as we prepare for the construction of our ministry center, I know there will be some great celebrations when we dedicate and begin to use that tool for ministry. There is no party event planned this week to celebrate anything with Immeasurably More, but can you pause right now and throw a mini-party where you are to celebrate some recent milestones of God’s provision?

  • We have a beautiful empty space on the land where the green house used to be.
  • We have our signed contract with our General Contractor.
  • We have everything in place for approval of our grading permit.
  • We are preparing for a late February pre-construction meeting that will be last step in getting dirt to fly.
  • We will sign the loan with National Bank soon that will also be critical in seeing dirt fly.

So enjoy a mini-party. You don’t necessarily need to hang streamers, but take a few minutes to praise God for His provision and pray for the leadership of Jeff and the staff and Jim and the Immeasurably More team. Thanks for the party and the prayers! Immeasurably more celebrating to come as we walk with God through this process.