Reflections: Trey Moore

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Trey Moore is the fundraising team leader on the Immeasurably More team. He also serves on staff at Virginia Tech Cru, leads a small group for Northstar with his wife Rebecca and serves on Northstar's Leadership Board. He shared these thoughts with us for our Immeasurably More Celebration Sunday on November 4.

Immeasurably More Celebration reflections

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This past Sunday was so encouraging for us as a church family and followers of Jesus. As I related in the message, I felt so inadequate as a leader to effectively communicate ALL THAT GOD HAS DONE, while communicating the PRACTICALS of where we are (financials, fundraising, budgets, construction process), and inviting you, as Northstar [...]

Immeasurably More Celebration Sunday – November 4

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Has it really been three years? In October 2015, Northstar launched its first capital campaign to raise funds for our first ministry center. Since that time, we have experienced God in so many different ways. It's been humbling to what God provide over $3 million through giving. It was surreal and encouraging to see a rainbow on [...]

VE 3 Meeting: New Design, Unity… next?

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The Immeasurably More team gathered with representatives from Spectrum Design and G&H Construction on Thursday evening, August 2 for our third value-engineering meeting. We had left our second meeting near our financial target and with some design adjustment ideas for the facility. [Read about those here.] Our third meeting was led by Nathan Harper, lead [...]

A Groundbreaking, Homecoming Celebration!

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Get ready to Dig In! Artwork submitted by Carolyn Noble Nearly 15 years ago, a handful of people stepped out in faith and launched a new church in the New River Valley called Northstar Church. In 2014, we finally found land and bought 10 acres of land on Prices Fork Road. Less than [...]

VE Meeting 2: Design & Material Revisions

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  Our second Value-Engineering meeting was Thursday evening, June 21. The Immeasurably More team met with our contractor and architect to discuss progress since the previous meeting. Our stated goal had been to reach a $4.5 million target cost for the building and site work. This does not include the building peripherals - sound system, [...]

Value Engineering Meeting #1

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Hopefully you have heard that the Immeasurably More team entered into a value-engineering phase of the building process after selecting a contractor.  If you have not, click here: Update: VE Phase! These are exciting days for our church as we now begin moving toward construction this fall. Our first VE meeting took place on Tuesday [...]