About Jeff Noble

Jeff became Northstar's second pastor in 2009 after the retirement of founding pastor Bob Jackson. He and his family moved here from southeast Arkansas. He previously served as a campus minister at the University of Arkansas at Monticello for eight years before planting Journey Church in Monticello where he served as pastor for six years. Jeff enjoys coffee, all things Apple, reading, basketball, and corny jokes.

Construction Update: Commitment

In this next installment of our update videos concerning the new building, we want to inform you of how you can be committed to seeing our building through! https://youtu.be/c6lsLStm6eM How you can help: Faith. Please actively trust the Lord for the remainder of the funds. Commitment. We are asking every single member to make a [...]

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Strategic kitchen and community cafe

In the past few weeks as dirt has begun to move on the land, the building team has been meeting ever more frequently. Recently, we've had an evening dedicated to asking strategic questions about our kitchen and the cafe. One part of our vision is that we don't want the building to only be used [...]

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Permits, permits, permits

At long last.. Northstar Immeasurably More team members Jim Rancourt and Travis Jessee attended a Planning Department meeting at the county office on Tuesday, January 8. At that meeting, representatives from G&H and Spectrum were present to respond to questions and issues that had been raised over the last two months of permitting applications. Virtually [...]

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A prayer for Northstar

At our August 19 Dig In Celebration, founding pastor Bob Jackson prayed over the gathering and for the future of Northstar. This is the text of his prayer: Father in heaven. On this momentous occasion of the groundbreaking for Northstar Church’s first building, we lift our hearts to you in gratitude for all You have [...]

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Reflections: Trey Moore

Trey Moore is the fundraising team leader on the Immeasurably More team. He also serves on staff at Virginia Tech Cru, leads a small group for Northstar with his wife Rebecca and serves on Northstar's Leadership Board. He shared these thoughts with us for our Immeasurably More Celebration Sunday on November 4.

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Immeasurably More Celebration reflections

This past Sunday was so encouraging for us as a church family and followers of Jesus. As I related in the message, I felt so inadequate as a leader to effectively communicate ALL THAT GOD HAS DONE, while communicating the PRACTICALS of where we are (financials, fundraising, budgets, construction process), and inviting you, as Northstar [...]

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