Immeasurably More

Since our beginning in 2003, Northstar has met in rented facilities. We are ready to transition into our own permanent facility.

We’ve designed our building so that it can be used by our community, campuses, and local businesses – as well as be an ideal home for our ministries. It’s a project bigger than us. Please review the website and consider your involvement – whether giving a financial gift or simply sharing our project and vision with someone you know who might be interested.

Our Vision

Our Future • Our Challenge

When we say “be the church,” we mean that being a Christian is not about attending Christian gatherings and meetings. It’s a simple, three-word encouragement that reminds us that we have a mission to live our lives for God’s glory.

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How You Can Help

Practical & Spiritual Commitments

Building a ministry center will be the biggest faith adventure we’ve made as a church. It’s bigger than us. Having a “home” will be a huge blessing for us and our community. We ask you to join us in giving generously to this project.

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Recent Blog Updates

October 2019

Building delivered!

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, travelers down Prices Fork Road noticed six large trucks pulling onto the Northstar land. Each truck was stacked with metal. After they finished unloading, they left, but the metal remains, ready to become the steel structure of Northstar's ministry center! Yes, the building has been delivered! In [...]

September 2019


Recently I have had an opportunity to reflect on the progress of the Immeasurably More Campaign. So much progress has been made and we are at a point where all the background work that has been done will soon become a visible reality. Exciting times lay ahead and I just can’t help but long [...]

August 2019

Immeasurably More Updates: When Will the New Building Be Done?

The newest installment in our series of Immeasurably More Project Updates is here, and we tackle the largest question people are asking. When will this thing be done? Well, throughout this process, we have learned that there are no easy answers, and this question is no exception. A huge thanks to Trey [...]

July 2019

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