Micah’s Backpack


Would you like the opportunity to help serve Micah’s Backpack alongside your small group?? Here are several ways you can get involved:

Packing Bags — Thursday evenings, 6:15-7:15 — Great way to get children involved! This is where a lot of help is needed. Before the students get back into the swing of things, we need volunteers to fill in those gaps. You can sign your group up using this link: http://www.helpersignup.com/viewsheet.php?type=2&sheet=886acf81737619621dadff9dc81d60ec — Please use the comment box to indicate how many group members will be attending. Feel free to sign up for multiple weeks!

Unloading Truck — First Monday of each month, 6pm-7pm (start time is flexible) For this, one interested small group a month will be best and a rotation can be set up throughout the year. This task is probably not good for young children. Sign your group up using this link: http://www.helpersignup.com/viewsheet.php?type=2&sheet=ae45c827fbde4794df8fd10d8e011a44 — 6-12 people are needed every week and again, use the comment box to indicate the number of group members participating.