Meet Evin Gladin

Aaron Peck Blog

evinEvin Gladin, one of the awesome interns at Northstar, has a BS in Wildlife Conservation Science, which she earned from Virginia Tech in 2016. She also works part-time for the state of Virginia doing research as a field technician. This work includes tracking and trapping Eastern Spotted Skunks! She spends her weekends helping out at a farm-to-table restaurant and brewery on Glade Road.

Most people don’t know that Evin used to be a competitive figure skater. Her favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck and, if she could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to the Congo Basin, an area that is “almost completely unexplored,” “full of unreached people groups, and a hot spot of wildlife.”

James 1:22 is a verse that has been both encouraging and convicting to Evin. She explains, “Being a follower of Christ is not about just listening to His teachings. We need to be doers of the Word and the encouraging side of that is the Holy Spirit will equip us to do that.”

Talking about one of her favorite people from the Bible, Evin says, “Paul has long been one of my favorite people from the Bible. He was the worst of us and through the redemption found in Jesus and a heart of obedience, he became one of the best of us. His passion for the nations is incredible and not only did he live a life devoted to the people he went to serve, but he trusted the Lord through many life-threatening adventures.”

Evin has recently become engaged and the process leading up to marriage has given God the opportunity to lead her in new ways. She describes it this way: “I’m entering into a marriage with my fiance next year and through the pre-marriage process, the Lord is teaching me how innately selfish we are. But that, out of that, it is only through the sacrificial love of Jesus that we will be able to hold to that covenant. We are able to love each other because He first loved us and when I forget that, I act of communicate in ways that are incredibly hurtful. It has forced me to not just sit and read God’s word but meditate on it so that I can build a relationship with Jesus and, through that, a better relationship with Luke.”

Evin’s work as a Northstar intern includes a little bit of “anything and everything.” One of her focuses, though, is coordinating volunteers and helping with international students.

Evin chose to attend Northstar because “the teaching is rooted in scripture and Jesus,” and “the staff genuinely [desire] to see us grow closer to Christ.” In three words, Evin would describe Northstar as “warm, educational, and Biblical.”

About Northstar, Evin says, “Working at Northstar has been an invaluable time of growth. I think that this church does an amazing job of taking less than perfect people and giving them chances to learn through mistakes in an environment of grace. I don’t think there are many ministry teams that guide and love their staff so well.”