Leader Spotlight- Nate Deacon

Matt Kesler Blog, Youth

In addition to Jake Clark, we also are having Nate Deacon join our team of Adult Youth Leaders!

Nate is from Glen Ridge, NJ, a small town outside of New York City and is a Senior here at Virginia Tech. Nate is currently studying Marketing Management and he is hoping to pursue a job that will allow him to do anything/everything marketing. Currently, Nate is looking for a job in the area as he hopes to become more involved in Northstar post-college.

Outside of school, he enjoys  watching or playing any type of sports. His dad is from Philadelphia, so he has grown up a die-hard Philly sports fan. And in his own words he expressed: “Go birds!” This phrase, as a Redskins fan, makes me cringe, but I suppose I should post it anyways. He also loves music and he learned to play the guitar a couple years ago. Currently, he is helping lead worship for the youth and he is thankful that he disciplined himself to learn to play the guitar. When asked who his favorite artist was he said, “Fun fact is that I actually love Bieber’s music. He’s a straight legend.”

Nate wanted to become a youth leader for several reasons. As someone who grew up in youth group, he wanted to be able to pour back into students to some capacity. He had some awesome youth leaders that poured into him, but he also had some “duds.” He has seen ways to effectively communicate with students as well as ways not to. Another reason he wanted to become a youth leader was to get more involved with Northstar. He will be graduating Virginia Tech in just a few short months, so he wanted to start transitioning from being a student to an adult. Being able to be involved in a church, rather than just a student campus ministry, would be a great experience and one that will acclimate him into the “real world.”

Myself, our Adult Youth Leader Team, and Northstar are excited to have him join us as we lead students in their faith! Welcome to the team, Nate!