Land vote results


Hemphill landThe vote is in!

Yesterday after our worship service, the members of Northstar voted overwhelmingly to purchase 10 acres of land on Prices Fork to become the location of our future ministry center. We needed a 2/3 majority vote, and after votes were counted, only one “no” vote was tallied. We believe that this voteis a significant affirmation of the spiritual and practical work that has gone into discovering, researching and finalizing the presentation of the land to the congregation.

As the land purchase heads into “Document Days” of signing papers, closing dates, etc., we ask for your prayers for smooth transitions and happy beginnings. Thank you for all your support and your enthusiasm to date.

In addition, if you’ve not given a gift to the Next Location Fund, now would be a wonderfully appropriate time to do so. We encourage you to prayerfully consider an amount that would be an encouragement and affirmation to the church body as a whole. No matter your budget, it will be received with thanksgiving and joy.

If feel led to give an Affirmation Gift, visit our giving page for ways to do so:

For all of us, whether you’re a Northstar “alumni” – former member or regular attender, college student, parent of a student or grad student, married or single, please know that we recognize that the land and the future ministry center to be located on it are beyond our ability. So we’re trusting the Lord for both provision and for provoking His people – both inside and outside of our church family – to supply all that is needed in these days and the ones to come.

If the Lord has encouraged you in any way through the past or present ministry of our faith family, please consider giving and helping us spread the word of our faith adventure as we seek to provide a ministry center for current and future followers of Christ here in the New River Valley.

Let’s lean forward in faith and watch with joy what our glorious God does for His people as we seek to be His church.

In His hands,

Jeff Noble