Northstar finalizes purchase of land


Hemphill landNorthstar’s Leadership Board is grateful and privileged to announce that as of, Wednesday, September 2, the church successfully closed on its purchase of 10 acres of land on Prices Fork Road. This comes after the membership voted overwhelmingly to purchase the land in a member meeting on Sunday, August 17.

The church’s leadership has been searching for land for a home for the growing church for several years. There have been several opportunities over the years, but none provided solutions for the identified priorities for the church. In addition to being centrally located in the New River Valley, the church felt strongly that it purchase adequate land for future growth and the location would need to be suitable for community use as well.

The land is located approximately 1.2 miles from Blacksburg Middle School, where the church currently meets for worship, and it’s near the new Prices Fork Elementary School (see the shaded area on the image above).

The next step for the church is to begin the process of designing the future ministry center to be located on the land and fundraising. If you’d like more information about the campaign, you can visit the Next Location Fund site here.