Jumpstart’s Pie in the Face Challenge

Aaron Peck Blog, Children's Ministry

We have some pretty amazing volunteers in Jumpstart!

Recently, Daniel Frye issued an offering related challenge to our Jumpstart kids. He told them that if they were able to bring in a total of $10 or more in one week’s offering, they would be able to throw a pie in his face!

Well, if you know anything about our Jumpstart kids, they do not back down from a challenge! In fact, in one Sunday, they brought more than $30 as a part of their offering! So that meant that Daniel was ready and willing to take not one, not two… but THREE pies to the face!

It’s always exciting to see our Jumpstart kids getting excited about being involved at Northstar, whether than means being responsible for bringing their Bibles to memorizing scripture to contributing to the weekly offering!