Jumpstart’s Bible Challenge

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As a part of Northstar Kids’ ongoing effort to help your children grow closer toward a relationship with Jesus, we want to challenge our Jumpstart students to bring their Bibles with them to church each and every week!

“What’s the challenge?” you may ask. “They grab their Bibles and bring it with them!”

Well, sometimes, families can be in a rush to run out the door and you might just forget things. Just look at the McCallister family in Home Alone. Be honest, haven’t you, as adults, gotten to church some Sundays and realized you didn’t have your Bible with you either?

Our Jumpstart leaders want to encourage your kids to bring their Bibles with them each week. To do so, we’re offering them some incentives!

On the first Sunday of every month, your student will receive a new bookmark that they can place in their Bibles. These bookmarks will have the memory verse for the month printed on them (so they can continue practicing memorizing scripture, too). For the whole month, each time they bring their Bibles with them to Jumpstart, we’ll punch a hole in their bookmarks. If they’re able to get 3 holes punched in the bookmark by the end of the month, they’ll be able to choose a prize from a treasure bucket!

Our goal is not only for children to want to have their Bibles with them on Sunday morning, but also to become familiar with how to look up scripture in their own Bibles. In a world where we can Google anything (including Bible verses) on any given wireless device, it’s easy to take for granted that our kids will just learn how to find the book of Jonah in the Old Testament. (It’s after Obadiah, but before Micah. Yes, I had to double check myself.)

Parents, we hope that you will partner with us in encouraging your kids to grab their Bibles before leaving home on Sunday mornings. Help by being an example when they see you have your Bible in your hands, as well.

Does your child need a Bible? Let us know! Please, email Julie and we will make sure that your child has an age-appropriate Bible that he or she will want to hold on to and read!