International Furniture Giveaway tomorrow


If you will be helping for the first time this year, please consider attending the orientation tonight. Otherwise, see the details below about starting time and parking. The furniture giveaway is a wonderful opportunity to show God’s love in a practical way to the nations in our neighborhoods!

Contact Jay Lester for more information or with questions.

There will be an orientation on Friday (Aug 17) at 7:00 PM at BCM. The orientation will especially help the inside workers (Attendants, etc.) understand “the procedure.” You will walk through the process. The meeting will be brief (45 minutes or less). Outside workers (Movers, Drivers, etc.) do not really need to attend, but some orientation may be needed on Saturday morning. Please review “the procedure” copied below, especially for your position (see “positions” below). Attendants need to be thoroughly familiar with the Registration Form (essentially the same as last year). If you plan to be an Attendant, please email Jay, and he will send you the Registration Form.

The advertised starting time is 7:30 AM. That is when the lottery process will start. Inside workers need to arrive at 7:00 AM or soon thereafter. If you are a Mover or Driver, try to arrive around 7:45 AM if you can (of course, not all trucks will be needed at the same time, so some may come later. However, if you can arrive earlier, there is a need for early trucks.

Parking is very limited at BCM, and most of the parking lot is reserved for moving trucks, vans, and taxis. You can park in 1) the Town parking lot off of Harrell Street (a half-block from Clay Street), which is close to the BCM; or 2) the parking lot for the Lancaster House at 403 Washington St. (between the BCM and the tennis courts).