Immeasurably More Anticipation


In recent weeks, we’ve been able to hear a lot of exciting updates about our Immeasurably More campaign and Northstar’s future ministry center. I recently asked our staff to share some of the things that they are most looking forward to about having a place we can call home. Here is what they had to say…

Neal Nelson…

  • The Montgomery County School District has been so gracious to grandfather Northstar in after creating their two-year use policy for outside groups and to let us continue meeting at Blacksburg Middle School. But we know our current gathering place cannot last indefinitely. The new ministry center will allow Northstar to keep making much of Jesus in the New River Valley without worrying about where we will meet.
  • I am looking forward to using the resources (time, energy, money) we currently spend looking for spaces to host ministry gatherings for content, creativity, and relationships to accomplish the actual purposes of the ministry gatherings.
  • I am excited that the new ministry center will allow Northstar to be gracious to other churches, college ministries, and even non-religious organizations that need a place to meet, just as so many churches and organizations have been gracious to us when we needed a place to meet.

Julie Jewell…

  • I am most excited for families in our community and our church to have a place to gather. My hope is that families in the New River Valley will feel welcomed and at home when they walk into the building and see it as a place where their children can play and parents are encouraged and supported.
  • I look forward to having permanent classrooms that we can make our own and that the kids and teachers can enjoy!

Jessica Yalung…

  • I’m excited for the new building because I think it will provide many opportunities for fellowship among our members and regular attenders.
  • I’m also looking forward to a permanent children’s ministry location that is designed just for kids. I’m excited to be able to have fun decorating for each month’s theme and to have classrooms that are age and developmentally appropriate.
  • Lastly, I’m excited for the opportunity to open our doors to the community and to share all that God has provided for us.

Alex Kacere…

  • Having a ministry center is exciting for youth ministry because having a building offers the opportunity for growth.
  • Having a consistent meeting space alleviates the stress of having to find a place to meet and allows for full relational ministry.
  • ReVerb has the opportunity to become the fun place to be while not compromising Jesus.

Erin Petersen…

  • I am looking forward to having a church HOME so that we can use it during the week for community and social functions.
  • I am looking forward to letting the setup/tear down team have less on their plates.
  • I am looking forward to everything being in ONE place (office, sanctuary, etc.).

Matt Simpson…

  • I am looking forward to having a ministry center that we can use as a space to bless other churches and ministries, and the community as well.
  • God has given us a lot of opportunities to grow in faith and service through being a mobile church, but I am excited to have a church “home” that will enable us to not have to worry about logistics quite so much.
  • I am excited about being more visible to and able to reach more of the NRV.

Megan Evans…

  • I am looking forward to our new ministry center providing another way for our church to serve the community.
  • I think our ministry center will give us the opportunity to bless other churches and organizations in the New River Valley and it gives us a more permanent way to share Jesus with those around us.

Jeff Noble…

  • Voices. I’m most looking forward to hearing voices. Of members, guests, and people in our community who use the ministry center. Whether singing in worship, conversing in a small group, praying, preaching, or simply catching up over coffee. And, more significantly, God’s voice, as He speaks through His Word and our fellowship.

And to you, the members, attenders, guests, friends, and alumni of Northstar Church… What are you looking forward to in Northstar’s future ministry center? Let us know in the comments below!