Holiday Missions Offering 2018

Jeff Noble News

hmo-logoChristmas is a time for us to model the heart of God in giving to others. Each year, we celebrate what God has done as we give toward our Holiday Missions Offering. Missions Sunday (November 11) is when we launch the HMO.

Our generosity toward these missionaries, ministries, and agencies is a wonderful opportunity for us to show our love and gratitude to Christ by giving so that His gospel may be declared around our world, beginning in Blacksburg!

Please pray about what you will give to support mission and ministry this season!

100% of what we receive is given away. Here is the breakdown:


  • We ask that everyone who is a regular and member at Northstar prayerfully decide an amount that they would like to contribute and then give toward that goal each Sunday in November in December.
  • Make sure you write on your check “HMO”
  • If you’re giving online, indicate the “Holiday Missions Offering” on the “Select a fund..” option.
  • You can bring your money at any time between now and the end of December, but during our December Nights services, we will have a special offering in addition to our regular offering.