HMO Spotlight: Trey Moore

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Trey Moore is one of the recipients of Northstar’s Holiday Missions Offering (HMO).  I recently interviewed Trey to find out more about him, his ministry, and how the HMO blesses him.

Trey grew up in a small town, Cana, Virginia only an hour south of Blacksburg. “All of my family lived within 20 minutes of my house on both my mom and my dad’s side. My entire childhood myself and most of my family attended the same small church in Cana, Rocky Ford, where my paternal grandpa was and still is the pastor.”

He became a believer his sophomore year of high school.  “It was then, after about of year of beginning to seriously read my Bible, that I placed my faith in Jesus.” It was also during high school that Trey developed a love for math and science. “I applied to Virginia Tech in the hopes of becoming an engineer. By the grace of God I was accepted, and I began my path of pursuing a degree in engineering.” Trey admits that college was tough for him. “Coming from such a small town place and atmosphere, I struggled to feel that I belonged on a campus of 30,000 people. So in response to those feelings, I went home every single weekend of my freshman year. My family loved that I came back every weekend, but it was draining me. I felt torn between two places and I wasn’t growing in my walk with Jesus.”  

But an invitation from a college dorm mate would have a life changing affect on Trey. “Mercifully, the Lord placed a guy named Sam on my freshman dorm hall who knew that I was a Christian and kept inviting me to this organization he was involved with called Cru. I finally decided to go to one of their large group meetings one Thursday night in Squires Colonial Hall and I was blown away. I walked into a room of 500 college students who were worshiping Jesus, having fun together, and listening to the Bible being taught. I had never experienced anything like it. Back home there were no groups of my peers like that. No groups that were full of people who through their own volition had chosen to come out on a weeknight to worship Jesus. I immediately started to invest in the community and my life was changed. For the first time I experienced true Christian community centered around Jesus. I was challenged, I was loved, I was growing. My life had been changed by the ministry of Cru, and I knew it. I was compelled at the thought of being able to work full-time with Cru to provide the same opportunities for other students that was provided for me. And so, after graduation I left for Cru staff training rather than an engineering job and the rest is history.”

Trey now works full time for Cru. “Cru is the US name for Campus Crusade for Christ which is an international missions organization started by Bill Bright in 1951. Currently we have approximately 16,000 missionaries working with us worldwide in nearly every country on earth.

“This is my fifth year with Cru and my fourth year back on campus here at Virginia Tech. My work is focused on three main things. Winning students to Christ through the sharing of the gospel, building students up in their faith, and sending students out from the college campus as laborers equipped to walk with Jesus and tell others about Him for life. Every task I do is in some way meant to accomplish one of those objectives. Usually this means one-on-one discipleship of men within the movement, coaching student leadership teams, leading small group bible studies, and sharing the gospel with people on campus.” When asked what he loves best about working with Cru, Trey shares, “I get to wake up everyday and work toward the accomplishing of the Great Commission in this age. I have the privilege of investing my life in the lives of other men in order that they grow to become more like Jesus. I get to devote my time and effort to allowing every Hokie at Virginia Tech an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. I love what I do and I am so honored to be a part of what the Lord is doing in the lives of college students.”

Trey and his wife Rebecca were married in 2015. Over the last couple of years, they have enjoyed creating some of their own Christmas traditions. “I love getting to do things like go and pick out a Christmas tree with my wife and our dog and then bring it home to decorate it.

The Holiday Missions Offering is a Northstar Christmas tradition. In December, Northstar Church collects this special offering. It is set aside for the ministries and agencies that Northstar partners with. As a recipient of this special tradition, Trey shares, “Cru, like most other missions organizations, doesn’t have any central funds to pay for salaries or ministry expenses. Rather, each of us on staff with Cru depend upon the consistent financial support of businesses, individuals, families,and churches. The annual Holiday Missions Offering has been such an incredible blessing. At the end of each of the last two years there has been a substantial support need, and both years the Lord has blessed my ministry and my family to help fulfill those needs through the HMO. I can safely say that without the Northstar HMO the last two years my ministry would have been significantly hindered. Thank you all so much for being a part of God’s provision for missions work! I have been a witness to the ways in which the Lord uses the HMO. It has been an answer to my prayers and a clear sign of God’s provision on multiple occasions. Sometimes in the midst of work that is funded through the consistent giving of people and organizations, it can feel isolated and lonely. The HMO is a huge encouragement to the reality that we are not alone in the work the Lord has called us to.

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