HMO Spotlight: PRC of the New River Valley

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NorthstarHMOEvery year in December, Northstar takes up two offerings in its December services. One is our regular ministry offering. The second offering is our Holiday Missions Offering. The HMO is given to the ministries and agencies that Northstar partners with to encourage them during the holidays. [For a listing of those, click here.]

Our HMO Spotlight series highlight those ministries and agencies that we support.

The Pregnancy Resource Center of the New River Valley is a non-profit medical clinic and Christian outreach for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. They operate two clinics with locations in Blacksburg and Radford. They serve the entire New River Valley and offer the following free services:

  • Medical – free and confidential medical services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and limited STI testing.
  • Counseling – pregnancy options counseling to help walk clients through their options and connect them with resources they need.
  • Education – a variety of pregnancy and parenting topics. Offered classes are one-on-one to provide individualized support to each client.
  • Support-  provide material needs support for the clients in the education program. By taking the classes, they can earn credits toward material needs such as diapers, clothing, baby items, and more.

The following was submitted by Nicole Campbell, Director of Client Services:


“I had made my decision… and I couldn’t go through with it.”

PhotoforNorthstarSarah* sat across from me with tears in her eyes and explained that when she left after her last appointment, she had intended to have an abortion. She scheduled an appointment for an abortion and then kept putting it off. She finally canceled that appointment and came in to see us again several weeks later. “What do I do now?” she asked.

On her first visit, Sarah had been reserved, not wanting to share her story or look at the monitor during her ultrasound. Now she was speaking freely, sharing about her past and wanting to discuss her next steps.

She was peaceful, showing me her ultrasound photos as we discussed parenting and adoption information. Sarah left with the community support referrals she needed. Though she still had many decisions to make, she had made one of her most difficult and important decisions of all – to carry her child to term.

Situations like these remind us that the story is not over when a client walks out of our doors; rather, it is just the beginning. The Lord knows each of our clients, and their babies, by name. His love for each is unfathomable.

We are not the ones that change the minds and hearts of these mothers, but rather the Lord. Sometimes we don’t know if we will ever see a client again or if she will choose life or not, but we know the One who knows her intimately. All we can do is call out to Him, and sometimes He brings her back through our doors where we are able to participate in the celebration of LIFE.

*name changed to protect client confidentiality

As you plan your giving this season, remember to give generously to the HMO. A portion of what is received goes to bless the PRC of the NRV. If you’d like to give to them directly through the PRC, you can click this link.