Hidden Things Revealed

Vanessa Tegenkamp Blog

This is a personal blog from ten months ago, but I don’t have many followers, so it’s probably new to you! 😉

As we were on our way to Roanoke yesterday, I noticed among the many trees the dozens, even hundreds, of birds’ nests. Obviously most of them are there throughout the year, and it’s certainly easy enough to see a bird or fifty on a summer’s day while outside. Sometimes we even come across a bird’s nest in our own yard. Particularly in the eyes of a child it is a rare treasure, much as the blessings we receive everyday from God are treasures of infinite wealth. These blessings are present everyday in all sorts of places and situations, yet they often go unnoticed. They may be directly in front of our face, but we don’t see them. I think much of the time, we aren’t meant to see them- they are to be revealed in the presence of God Himself in heaven. However, I also think that plenty are to be seen if only we would truly, deeply look. Maybe we need to retrain our minds, or rather our hearts, to see things more clearly, to see them the way God wishes for us to see them- if we would sincerely try a bit harder.

Oftentimes we see these treasures when things are laid bare, as are the trees in winter. When circumstances in life seem hopeless, a treasure from God is revealed; to keep hope within sight, to remind us that not all is lost, and that blessings are everywhere- sometimes in the strangest of places. These blessings are perhaps seen best and clearest in the “winters” of life, when little else is visible.

-Vanessa Tegenkamp