Grasping the Gospel sermon series


grasping the gospelWhat is the “gospel?” How does understanding it truly bring inner change to the lives of my family, friends and all peoples? How can I communicate it in a way that is both refreshing and clear? If the gospel is embraced, how will it renew my life and world?

We are excited to embark on a six-week series called Grasping the Gospel beginning this Sunday, August 2 at Northstar Church. We’ll be using Tim Keller’s excellent book Center Church as a secondary resource during the series to help us communicate some of the intriguing and beautiful reality of the good news of Jesus Christ’s life, ministry, atoning death and victorious resurrection.

Through this series, we’ll examine the difference between religion and irreligion, legalism and licentiousness. As we study parables and narratives from Jesus, we’ll gain a deeper insight into how His teachings and example bring purpose and profound joy when we understand and renew our commitment to spiritual realities.

What is the Gospel?

How do we embrace renewal of the Gospel?

The next six weeks of Grasping the Gospel will be a perfect time to invite a friend or to check out Northstar for the first time. You’ll be encouraged, refreshed, and renewed as you reconnect with supremely good news.