Gospeling Conversations

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As followers of Jesus, we all were once NOT followers of Jesus. Someone along the way shared the bad news with us about how God created us, loves us and how in spite of His being a good God, we rejected Him. They also shared the good news that in spite of our sin against Him, that God sent His Son Jesus to save us. We made a decision based on this compelling and wonderful information to turn fully to God in faith.

Gospeling Conversations

Beginning in January 20, 2021, Northstar will be hosting a monthly gathering for members and regulars alike who want to become more familiar and confident in their ability to talk about Jesus with family and friends. We will meet on the third Wednesday of each month, and each time we meet, you’ll hear someone’s faith story and learn new ways to joyfully and respectfully have gospel conversations with others and share your faith.

At A Glance

  • Who: anyone wanting to learn how to share their faith more naturally, joyfully and confidently
  • Where: Northstar Ministry Center
  • When: January 20, 12:10 p.m. (sharp) on the third Wednesday of each month (bring your own lunch!)
  • Leader: Jeff Noble and Northstar staff (contact for questions)