GAPnotes: Delmos


By Liz Albitz Statzell

Have you seen posts on Facebook about visiting Delmos, and haven’t been quite sure what we’re talking about? We’ll you’re in luck, because Delmos is AWESOME and we’re visiting him tonight at 5pm. You don’t even have to read any further to know that you need to meet Delmos, but I’ll give you some more background information just so you’re fully convinced.

Delmos is an honorary GAP member whom we met in the winter of 2010. GAP volunteered to cook a meal for the men’s shelter at Fieldstone and built a rapport with him. Delmos began worshiping with us at Northstar, until his diabetes became too bad and he had to be hospitalized. Throughout his hospitalization we visited him, prayed for him, and learned how funny and outgoing he is.

He’s had his ups and downs with his medical history, but is stable since his last surgery. They did need to amputate one of his legs, and he’s been going to physical therapy to learn how to walk with a walker. Because of his limited mobility, he is not able to get out as often as he would like, especially for a juicy hamburger, which is his favorite food!

Over the past two years we’ve been visiting him at the Salem Rehab Center, and even took him on a couple field trips! We’ve taken him to dinner at Outback and Macado’s, and we’ve brought him to town for a December Nights Church Service. Our favorite memories with him are when we celebrate his birthday and when he harasses everyone about when they’re getting married! If you want to join us for this trip, or a future one, please let us know and we can get you connected with this outreach!

Looking forward to visiting Delmos with you soon!