Florence Disaster Relief Trip 10/5-10/7

Neal Nelson News

This coming weekend (October 5-7, 2018), Ezra Richards is taking a team of volunteers to North Carolina to continue Disaster Relief help following the destruction left behind from Hurricane Florence. If you are interested in being a part of this trip, we would love for you to go!

What to expect?   

You can expect to wake up early and work hard all day along side other believers serving in the name of Jesus.  Flexibility is key but flood recovery is often a dirty job consisting of removing mud and mold covered materials.  You may be literally removing mud and debris from inside a house, tearing sheetrock off the walls and hauling it outside the house, or ripping out carpet and cabinets.  You definitely want to prepare yourself for physical labor.

Also prepare yourself to listen to those who have recently experienced trauma and be willing to encourage and pray with them.  You will sometimes have the opportunity to share the hope you have in Jesus.

What to bring? 

You will need to bring $25 (for gas) and money for meals while traveling.

Additionally, you will need a sleeping bag, work clothes, footwear, and gloves.  The Southern Baptist in partnership with local churches will provide cots & showers.


If you have questions or would like to be a part of the team, please contact Ezra Richards (540) 315-4435 or Neal Nelson (870) 403-4306.