Flat-Footing in Floyd

Blog, GAP

gap-floyd-country-storeLast Friday, September 16, GAP went down to the Floyd Country Store with ACROSS.

ACROSS is a weekly social for international students and families on Friday nights. It gives internationals, who are not familiar to the area or country, an option for something to do on a Friday night. The activities usually highlight something distinct to American culture, such as a tailgate.

Friday’s trip to Floyd was an opportunity to expose the students to music, dancing, and culture that was specific to this part of the country. Members of GAP and ACROSS enjoyed listening to folk music and tried their hand at flat-footing.

ACROSS aims to be a venue where internationals and Americans can interact and form relationships with one another. This past Friday, that happened as they learned about each other on the long drive to Floyd and back again, and while sharing their love of dancing on the dance floor.

We encourage anyone who is interested in meeting internationals in the area to attend ACROSS, which is hosted every Friday night at 7:00 p.m. at the BCM.