Family Bible Reading Plan

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At Northstar Church, our goal is to partner with parents to help you disciple your children into a personal relationship with Jesus. We want your kids to know what God’s Word says and we want you to be the ones to teach them!

Starting Sunday, January 15, please stop by the Family Bible Reading Plan table in the church lobby to pick up a one-year reading plan and a free age-appropriate Bible for your child/children.

There are several ways to use this one year Bible reading plan. Most weeks there are one to four stories to read depending on the age group. If you get behind, don’t worry about it, just keep plugging along. The point is not that you necessarily finish in a year, but that you and your child/children are spending time reading God’s Word together and understanding it’s importance.

Each group has an age appropriate Bible to use during this yearlong experience.

Here are some ideas you may want to consider to complete this reading plan:

  • Replace a bedtime story with a Bible story
  • Have Mom read one night and Dad read the next if you live in a two parent home
  • Read in the morning at the breakfast table if night time doesn’t work well
  • Have an older sibling read the story
  • Choose which days work better for reading with your family’s schedule and plan ahead
  • Give yourself grace, remind yourself this isn’t meant to be legalistic but a time of learning and falling in love with God through His Word.