Disciple Making Boot Camp



Are you interested in what Jesus meant when he commanded Christians to make disciples?

Do you have a desire to invest in the lives of others and see them grow in Christ but not quite sure how to get started?

Have you heard the phrases, discipleship, spiritual investment, multiplication, and want to learn exactly what these mean?

We want to help you! Throughout his life, Jesus consistently and intentionally invested in a relatively small amount of men who he entrusted to continue his legacy and build his Church. It is our desire to follow this example of intentional spiritual investment for the building up of God’s people to maturity.

Join us for disciple making bootcamp where we will cover what Jesus meant for us to make disciples, the basics of what it looks like, common misconceptions, how to start, and more! This will be a casual discussion based atmosphere and coffee/snacks will be provided.

The first Disciple Making Boot Camp will take place on Tuesday, March 18th at 7pm. Spots are limited so please RSVP at this link.

For questions, email Adam Wilson