Crossroads Camp Day 3

Matt Kesler Blog, Youth

A parent texted me the other day saying that a “heat wave” was hitting the Carolinas and I responded by saying “we’re definitely feeling it.” Even with the hot temperatures and high humidity, the students are having an incredible time!

Sharie King led our morning breakout session and she talked about what it looked like for us to eliminate distractions from our life and give time and space to think about the more important things of life.

We then had a full day of a volleyball tournament, dodgeball tournament, Epic World Domination, improv skits, and lots and lots of sweat. Throughout the day I was able to have some 1 on 1 conversations with guys to better process what they’ve been learning. It’s during those times that they’ve asked some really tough, but good questions. I’ve been encouraged because I know the Lord is at work and it is evident based off of those conversations and responses that have been shared.

This evening, Brian Burgess was by far the most enthusiastic speaker that we’ve seen at Crossroads so far. His excitement and how he related to the students was incredible to see and every single one of our students was engaged and listening the entire time. He specifically spoke about that by faith in Jesus Christ, we have a promise. It’s not a promise that will leave us or forsake us and it’s not one that will let us down. It’s not a promise that will change based off of our circumstances, our emotions, or what our cultures tells us. It is the promise that Jesus gives us when we decide to give our lives to Him and make him the Lord of our life. The promise of eternal life when we die and the promise of abundant life while on this earth if we have Jesus in our heart.

We have one full day left and I’m excited to see what happens! Thank you for your prayers.