Crossroads Camp Day 2

Matt Kesler Blog, Youth

I can’t believe that this day is already over but it was another exciting and PACKED day! After a brief night of sleep, we gathered together for breakfast and a few morning worship services! From my two roommates, I got to hear a story of my wonderful sleep talking skills. We also laughed about the story of a  particular student that was pranked into thinking it was time to shower and go to breakfast at 1 AM. I love youth camp.

After lunch, many of the students participated in all sorts of activities. Some went to the lake, some placed 2nd in the soccer tournament, and some high school boys were humbled in their unexpected defeat in the basketball tournament (answer to prayer). Our leaders did a great job of making sure everyone drank water and applied sunscreen so I’m proud of them for that!

To end the night, Sharie King, the wife of Clayton King, brought some serious TRUTH. She spoke specifically about having faith instead of being dictated by our feelings. Giving 4 separate illustrations, Sharie communicated that God offers protection and guidance, rest and warmth, the power of His words and how we use our words, and how our actions teach us to live out what we’ve learned.

After every evening service, we have a time called “Family Time” and it’s during this time the students are given a platform to share things that they have been learning. We focused on things that have caused us to walk away from our faith and shared the truth that ALL Christians constantly go through things that try to pull them away from their faith. We also talked about the importance of spending time in God’s Word because it is only through reading God’s word that we will truly know our identity and how we were created to live.

Continue to pray for our group this week and our 1 on 1 time that the leaders are going to have with students throughout the week!