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Recently, Northstar’s own Caitlyn Scaggs was recognized by the NRV American Business Women’s Association as their Community Woman of the Year!

“Honestly, I feel overwhelmed (in a good way) by this recognition,” said Caitlyn when asked about receiving this award in June. “It’s incredible and humbling.”

But Caitlyn is quick to move the spotlight off of herself and shine it on the people around her. As the founder and CEO of Blue Mobius Marketing, Caitlyn credits her team for all of the positive recognition and success that they have seen as a company.

“The team has been the best part. I always expected I’d like the people we hired at Blue Mobius but I genuinely love then and care about them,” Caitlyn says of her staff. She calls them “fascinating, brilliant, and big-hearted,” making it possible for her to not only enjoy a career that she loves, but to live life outside of that work.

“It was very meaningful to have my mom–a Godly woman and incredible leader–and my daughter present when I won this recent award. I want to honor the way my mom raised me and help Harper see that God wants her to shine bright for Him each and every day. If anything, these awards make me feel a healthy sense of pressure to lead better, love others better, and overall be better. If I know that the community is wathing I do feel it is my responsibility to lead well.”

Recently, Blue Mobius worked closely with the Children’s Museum of Blacksburg on a large scale campaign that involves choosing a new name and a complete rebranding as the museum will soon be relocated to the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg.

The company has also launched the BluMo Lending Library, which offers books covering topics such as Creativity & Design, Marketing, Business Development, and more. This is a free resource that Blue Mobius offers to the community.

When asked what’s coming up, Caitlyn excitedly shared about a marketing mission trip in which she’ll be participating this September. She will have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to lend her creative marketing skills to New Hope Creations, an organization whose purpose is to provide rescue and refuge for women and girls who have found themselves in vulnerable situations.

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