Building for the Future

Aaron Peck Blog

These are exciting days for this generation of Northstar. Since our founding, we have been a mobile church, having served, worshiped, and ministered without a “home” for 17 years! We are now on the edge of beginning construction of our first ministry facility, and we know that this project is beyond our ability, but fully within the parameters of God’s ability (Ephesians 3:20).

The Growth of Northstar Church
From the time we launched, we’ve seen God grow us in every way–spiritually, numerically, and in our understanding of our mission. We’ve grown despite the fact that our worship center is a facility we rent for one day a week, the Blacksburg Middle School. Along with rented office space, it has served us well despite the challenges. We have experimented with multiple services and children’s ministry spaces while being more creative than we knew we could be to flex for growth–all while keeping ministry central. However, after 17 years, we (and the school system!) are ready for a “permanent” home.

The Next Location of Northstar
We began searching in earnest for a “next” location in 2012. At the time, the Strategy Team visited and considered many buildings and plots of land located throughout Montgomery County. At times, it seemed like nothing was happening and progress seemed to come at a turtle’s pace. Prayer, persistence, and a desire to discern God’s direction led us to many “NOs” in the search for a location. However, ti also led us to the most amazing “to God be the glory” YES.

Through a series of contacts, conversations, deliberations, due diligence, and prayer, Northstar found and was able to purchase 10 acres of land on Prices Fork Road in 2014. Through the generosity of the people of Northstar, we purchased and, in less than a year, paid off that land. The land is less than two miles from the middle school! This is a great location for the people of the New River Valley.

The Immeasurably More Campaign
In the fall of 2015, the Immeasurably More Campaign launched. The three-year IM Campaign focuses on spiritual growth and stewardship of time, talents, and resources. We were intentional that the key feature of the campaign would not be focused on money. Of course, it takes money to build a building, but that was only one part of the focus of the IM Campaign. Our vision is not to build a building. The vision is to build a Ministry Center that allows Northstar to continue to live out our mission of “Don’t Go to Church, Be the Church.

The Focus
A direct consequence of our numerical growth, and the fact that we serve a wide variety of age groups, is that the building is “large” and the cost is “high.” From the beginning, the consideration for the construction of a Ministry Center was predicated on the requirement that the building must not reduce or eliminate the primary mission and the various ministries of the church. Our pastor, staff, leaders, and members insist that the facility serve as an additional tool toward reaching and serving the needs of the local community with a Christ-centered focus.

The ministry center will multiply our ability to “Be the Church” in many significant ways. It will be a home base for missions, a place where we can worship, learn, connect, and enjoy being the church together. It will be a destination for community organizations, businesses, and groups to use for events and meetings.

What’s Next?
The Building Project is proceeding in a very deliberate and orderly manner with five teams focused on specific areas: prayer, communication, finance, fundraising, and construction. We have a master plan for the land, a floor plan for the building, and as 2017 progresses, we are entering into the critical decision-making point–the specific criteria for confidently “getting started.”

Questions must be asked and answered well. Funds must be given. Communication must be consistent and comprehensive. We are excited, but we must not let our enthusiasm outpace our wisdom and God’s leadership. It would be easy to move too fast at this point because we can see the end in sight.

Northstar is on the brink of seeing dirt move as we see the project to fruition. It will require prayer, faith, and provision. If you are a member or regular attender of Northstar and have not yet made your commitment to the IM Campaign, we prayerfully encourage you to do so by clicking here! Visit the campaign website for more information and further blog entries to share with friends and family!