Children’s Move Up Sunday!

Julie Jewell Children's Ministry, News

It’s time to move on up!

On Sunday, January 26, children in the Bloom ministry (babies, toddlers and preschoolers) will move up to their new classrooms (see guidelines below). We will celebrate with a warm welcome from their new teachers as well as a bubble party for Buds and Sprouts and Blossoms.

Here are the guidelines to help you know whether or not your child should move up:

  • Seedlings (Nursery) >> Buds and Sprouts (1 -2 year old toddlers): 14 months by February 1 and solidly walking
  • Sprouts (2 year old toddlers) >> Blossoms (Preschool): 3 years old by February 1

We look forward to celebrating this fun day with your children! Please make sure that you are in attendance so that they can enjoy this special “move up” day and say goodbye/hello to their teachers!