Christmas Parade Opportunities

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Last year, Northstar put a float in two local Christmas Parades, which was not only an absolute blast for those who were a part of it, but it also drew folks from the community in who are now a part of our Northstar family.  This year we will be participating in three local parades: Pulaski Christmas Parade – Thursday December …

Bible for Life checkup

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By Jeff Noble Our small group is mid-way through the Bible for Life workbook, and we are enjoying the journey of learning how to read scripture with the right heart. The material written by George Guthrie has been immensely practical for all of us. It’s like a condensed seminary-level class on biblical interpretation. It has been a consistent encouragement for …

Deny, Take, Follow

Bible For Life

By Phil Cumbia In reading through Day 2, week 2 of the Bible for Life (BFL) study, I found myself in an all too familar bible study position; I was skimming to complete a task. Luckily the Lord had other plans. As I breezed across Luke 9:23-24 (take up your cross daily), I landed on one of George’s commentaries about …

Prayers needed as three services begin

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By Jeff Noble Wow. Three morning services? Really? We’ve talked, met and prayed since last spring about what we sensed God is doing in our faith family. We shared together our fears about the loss of intimacy in our church family as we continue growing. We expressed our joy in being able to minister to students and internationals while at …

Challenges of growth

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By Jeff Noble In August 2011, Ron Edmonson wrote an excellent article entitled 5 Dangers of Explosive Growth. I’d like to share his points and elaborate on them in the context of Northstar. Explosive growth masks real problems. EG outpaces leadership development. EG strains existing structures and systems. EG causes people to be left behind or feeling scattered. EG tends …

Hidden Things Revealed


This is a personal blog from ten months ago, but I don’t have many followers, so it’s probably new to you! 😉 As we were on our way to Roanoke yesterday, I noticed among the many trees the dozens, even hundreds, of birds’ nests. Obviously most of them are there throughout the year, and it’s certainly easy enough to see …

Sinkland Farms fun


On Sunday, October 9, the Northstar Church family and friends met at Sinkland Farms to enjoy a beautiful fall day. Pumpkin Chunkin’, kettle corn, hayrides, a corn maze, and a guest appearance by the Hokietron rounded out an afternoon of fun! If you’ve not been to Sinkland Farms yet this year, it’s a wonderful, family-friendly environment to enjoy a weekend!

Childish Actions


As my 6 year old son was stepping off the bus, the driver, Miss Carolyn, waved me over. As I got to the doorway, she said that she just wanted to tell me how proud she was of him today on the bus. A kid that sits near Elijah has been picking on my son, calling him names, and I …