December 2015 Baptisms


We were excited to baptize Meg Fetterly, Joseph Hunter, Emma Cook, Daniel Jones, Allison Beard, and Carter Cross and Carson Cross during one of our December Nights services in 2015. Here are their testimony videos and the live baptism video.  

Acts Series launched


On Sunday, January 17, lead pastor Jeff Noble launched our new study called Acts: The Sent Church [podcast here]. After a multiyear study of the Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles concluded last summer, our church has been eager to study Acts. Whereas the former study focused on the history of the people of God as Israel, the Acts study focuses …

Family New Year Resolutions

Blog, Children's Ministry

Can you believe we are almost two weeks into 2016?! It’s crazy! We hope that your new year is off to a great start! The Children’s Ministry Team would like to challenge you to make family resolutions this year. Our hope isn’t that you would see this as an opportunity to perfect your family for the next Instagram post, but …

Northstar Youth Group in 2016

Blog, Youth

As we roll around the new year, ReVerb Youth Group is just about one and a half years old. 2015 felt like a very fruitful year as we strived to become a healthy youth group with a cohesive heartbeat. We went through many different studies in 2015 which were almost all focused on building foundation for our faith. We examined the …

A Recap of Passion Conference 2016

Blog, College Ministry

Contributed by Evin Gladin The Passion Conference 2016 was a spectacular gathering of 18-25 year olds called the “Jesus Generation,” across three arenas and two states, totaling more than 40,000. Speakers from all over the world drop spiritual truth bombs over the course of three crazy days such as: “Come and see, and go and tell. This is your assignment” …

What the Kids Are Talking About

Blog, Children's Ministry

It’s always exciting to begin a new year, isn’t it? It can be like starting over with a clean slate. Everything is bright and shiny, and it’s almost as if life has that new car smell all over again. Well, maybe not the smell so much, but it is good to look at a new year as if we have …

A Theology of Rest


Trey Moore, a Cru Staffer (and Northstar member) taught about rest from a biblical perspective in our December Saturday Seminary. I was intrigued with Trey’s presentation so he sent me the material and gave me permission to post it here. I encourage you to take a few moments and review the Seminar On Rest.  I’m confident you will find Trey’s questions and scriptural …

Northstar Reverb Returns To Nights

Blog, Youth

Can you believe that 2016 is upon us? It is crazy to me that we are rapidly approaching two years since I arrived in Blacksburg. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting the staff for an interview and eating at the “Gucci” El Rods. Nonetheless, a new year has come and the youth group has transitioned out of our December Morning meeting …

365 New Year Resolutions


I am not a New Year resolutions kind of person.  Selfishness, envy, and discontentment have been (and remain) a major part of my sin struggle (Heb. 12:4) as a Christ follower. New Year resolutions were more often just another vain attempt to “perfect myself” which quickly became fodder for discontentment (sigh). Last night (New Year’s Eve) found me having one of those …