Video: Easter: Ain’t No Grave

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Our Good Friday video was so moving and powerful. Here’s the Easter Sunday morning “part 2.” We are grateful to Matt and Emily Simpson, Tanner Blankenship, Joe Fabrizi, Lissa Brown and all of you who submitted cardboard testimonies!

God Shapes Us Through Suffering

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The pandemic has thrown most, if not all, of our ‘regular lives’ for a spin. While each of us is in a unique situation, we are all mourning the temporary loss of community, celebrations, and moments that we had hoped for. There is significant hurt and loss in many, if not all, of our lives.  Christians are not immune from …

Passion Week Devotional: Easter Sunday

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This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2020

There is so much about the days that we have been walking through in the past month that leave us wanting more. More freedom, more opportunities, and more face to face connections just to name a few.  Most churches usually swell to their highest attendance on Easter Sunday, yet today we look at the same familiar walls at home while …

Passion Week Devotional: Friday

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This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2020

The Irony in Jesus’ Approach to Power Earlier this week, as I was driving back from Richmond, I came across a podcast titled With a Politician by Tim Keller: a sermon based on Luke 23:1-25. In a day and age where it seems that our politics and religion go hand and hand, it is difficult to decipher how Jesus approaches …