Prayer Buddies

Lindsey Hamilton Be The Church, Blog

Hi Church, Who is praying for you? Who do you know that is praying for you daily? We need intentional prayers in our life. Paul is aware that he is making it through life because he has people praying for him and the Holy Spirit living in him. (Phil. 1:19) It is a picture of the church enabling every single …

Baptism Celebration: Chris Myers

Lindsey Hamilton Blog, Youth

This past Sunday, December 13, we had the privilege of baptizing one our youth members Chris Myers! It was a huge blessing to see his profession of faith and we are so excited to continue to love and support Chris on his faith journey.  

Video: Kids Christmas 2020

Jeff Noble Blog, Children's Ministry

Our children got together to portray the Christmas story in a creative way! Enjoy this special re-telling of the Christmas story:   Credit: Orange Curriculum for the script and video idea!

It is that simple

Jeff Noble Blog

Lately, I have noticed that a large majority of people in my life are feeling burnt out. It transcends age, gender, career status and personality type. It appears that being worn out is now part of the shared human condition. As someone who approaches life with an intentionally positive perspective, this admission is hard. However, I cannot ignore that the …

Daily Prayer for a debt-free move-in

Jeff Noble Blog

We put up our Christmas decorations on Friday after Thanksgiving, even as our fridge was still packed with Thanksgiving leftovers. Even in a pandemic, days are slowly moving forward. I’m looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior with our church family in our 12th annual December Nights focus of Rest. Reflect. Rejoice. Renew. beginning this Sunday, December 6. …

Reflections on The Chosen, Episode One

Lissa Brown Blog

We asked Lissa the following question in a small group that was discussing The Chosen, and when she shared what she’d written, we asked her permission to publish it as a brief blog. How did Episode 1 help you think about Jesus’ birth and its impact in a different light? I have always loved the humility and the simplicity in Jesus’ birth …

Baptism Celebration: Livi Marrin

Jeff Noble Blog

On Sunday, October 11 we celebrated Livi Marrin’s baptism with her and her family. Watch her faith story and baptism here: