Created & Called – In the Beginning

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I’ve personally been excited about the Created & Called series. The first five books of the Bible have always been fascinating to me, especially Genesis. This week, Jeff invited us to turn to Genesis 1:1-2, which are some of the most familiar verses in the entire Bible: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was …

Prayer on the Land – Continue Praying

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On Easter Sunday, we invited and encouraged our members and attenders to visit Northstar’s land and the site of our future Ministry Center to walk and pray for our church and our community. If you were able to make it out for that special time of prayer, you saw the signs posted which provided prayer topics at each station. Here, …

Easter Selfie Slideshow – 2018

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We saw so many smiling faces on Easter Sunday! And we love being able to share those smiles with everyone! Take a look at this quick slideshow of the pictures that folks uploaded from April 1, including our traditional Easter Selfies! If you still haven’t had a chance to upload your pictures to social media, be sure to use #dontgobeaster …

Passion Week Devotionals: Easter Sunday

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This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2018

The women sadly walked to the tomb. In everyone’s haste to beat sundown on Friday, Jesus’ body had not been properly prepared for burial. They were going to finish the task. They hoped that perhaps the Roman soldiers guarding the tomb would help by rolling the stone seal away so they could enter. When they arrived, surprise, shock and confusion …

Good Friday service recap

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This entry is part 8 of 9 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2018

Our Good Friday service was alive with the presence of the Lord. We were all deeply humbled and touched by a new realization that it was our sin that killed Jesus, not the beatings, nails or cross that Jesus endured. One of the things God used to powerful speak to us was a video produced by Passion City Church for …

Passion Week Devotionals: Good Friday

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This entry is part 6 of 9 in the series Passion Week Devotionals 2018

Before you begin today’s reading, take a moment and prepare your heart before God in prayer. Ask him to speak to you through today’s scripture reading. Read slowly through Luke 22:66-23:49. In the hours before Jesus’ crucifixion and death, He was mocked, spit on, and beaten. When He was gathered before the chief priests and scribes, they asked Him if …